We take a long-term perspective and wishes to be known for our responsibility and reliability in relation to employees, the authorities, business associates and other interested parties.

We strive to ensure its activities are regarded as positive contributions to the local communities in which we operate. Our  products should make a positive contribution to sustainable social development.

Nordic Mining is aware of the social role the Company plays and its importance. We systematically strive to develop in a positive manner with high corporate responsibility standards. Our ambition is to grow in line with the development of our projects and other opportunities that are realised. High corporate responsibility standards will form an integral part of our development.

The mineral industry, of which we are part, fulfills important social functions by satisfying society’s needs for various minerals. Minerals are used in many products and contexts, e.g. building and construction, metal production, environmental technology, electronics, chemical products, and much more. Nordic Mining focuses on high-end minerals and metals that are important for positive, sustainable social development. Our current and future products will thus form parts of value chains and applications with an environmental profile and which make a positive contribution to the society.

Our operations will have to be be located where the mineral deposits are. Normally, these are in places and in regions in which the operations gain importance because of their size. We look forward to develop our role in conjunction with our employees, the relevant municipalities, local/regional industry and commerce, and society as a whole.